Diva  X  Lance

  whelped: 6-19-07

6 boys and 5 girls

the boys

the girls


Ehrenvogel Rocky Mountain High


Ehrenvogel Calypso


Ehrenvogel It Amazes Me


Ehrenvogel Fly Away


Ehrenvogel Back Home Again


Ehrenvogel Some Days R Diamonds


Ehrenvogel I'd Rather BeA Cowboy


Ehrenvogel Heart to Heart

  "Billy Ray"

Ehrenvogel ThankGod ImA CountryBoy


Ehrenvogel Almost Heaven


Ehrenvogel To The Wild Country

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5th generation





CH Onapoint Midievel Times


CH Onapoint's Hot Rod Challenger

                                   CH Kan-Point Powerglide

CH Kan-Point Destiny's The Reason, JH

CH Paladen's Stand To Reason, MH
CH Kan-Point's Destiny Calls
CH Kan-Point's Goin In Hi Style CH Bleugras Back In The Hi Life
CH Ricane Zehn Von Shadydell

  CH Onapoint's Impressive Alexus, JH

CH Impressive's Hunt A Mesa, CD,JH,CGC CH Huntabird's Texas Chili, CGC
CH Shadydell Georgia On My Mind, CDX

CH Barrister's Point Of Reason, CD,JH,CGC

CH Huntabird's Main Reason
CH Barrister Olde Ridge Verdict, JH


CH Roma's Impressive Easter M E, CD,SH

CH Impressive's Texas Zephyr, JH CH Huntabird's Texas Chili, CGC A/C CH Tabor's Zephyr Of Orion
CH Huntabird's Fabulous Fanny
CH Shadydell Georgia On My Mind, CDX CH Bleugras Bandy V. Shadydell
CH Shadydell Sweet Georgia Brown


CH Roma's Classic Pinta

DC Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven, MH

DC Hillhaven Hustler
Freifeist Bekannte V Laden, CD,JH

CH Roma's Classic Porsche, JH

CH Robin Crest Rolls Royce
K-Way's Sweet Maggie Holiday





Ch Ehrenvogel It's All About Me



  Ch Ehrenvogel Air Force One



  Am Can Ch Ehrenvogel Titan of Caijoy

Ch Ehrenvogel Yankee Doodle MH

Ch Ehrenvogel Jager CDX SH

Ch Ehrenvogel Cracklin Rosie

Am Can Ch Ehrenvogel Love Me Tender

Ch Huntabirds For All Reasons
Ch Ehrenvogel Magic Maker

Ch Airports Come Fly With Me

Ch Ehrenvogel Amazing Warlock

Ch Rugerheims Bit of Whiskey

Ch Windbruch Unheilstifter

Liebmaster Anna DC Rugerheims Bit of Bourbon
Ch Liebmaster Lblinghaus Abagab


Ch Ehrenvogel Grand Illusion

  Ch Paladens Stand to Reason MH

Ch Huntabirds Main Reason

Ch Huntabirds For All Reasons
Ch Huntabirds the Farmers Daughter

Ch Minado Fly'n Colors of Paladen MH

Ch Maekenets Flying Persuasion

Oxton Minados Inga von Greif

Ch Ehrenvogel Double Domino

Ch Ehrenvogel Hello Again

DC Rugerheims Bit of Bourbon
Ch Windbruch Unheilstifter

Ehrenvogel Second Chance

Am Can Ch Ehrenvogel Song Sung Blue
Ch Ehrenvogel Hifalutin Hanna