whelped:  11-26-09


Lance  X   Marley

CH Onapoint Medieval Times  X  CH Ehrenvogel Onapoint Cool Yule


Ehrenvogel Hi-Tech Redneck
Ehrenvogel No Show Jones
Ehrenvogel Treasure of Love
CH Ehrenvogel Shine On
CH Ehrenvogel The Race Is On
GCH Ehrenvogel Keep The Change
Ehrenvogel Poor Mans Riches




3rd generation

4th generation

5th generation





CH Onapoint Medieval Times




CH Onapoint's Hot Rod Challenger

CH Kan-Point Powerglide

CH Kan-Point Destiny's The Reason, JH

CH Paladen's Stand To Reason, MH

CH Kan-Point's Destiny Calls

CH Kan-Point's Goin In Hi Style

CH Bleugras Back In The Hi Life

CH Ricane Zehn Von Shadydell

CH Onapoint's Impressive Alexus, JH

CH Impressive's Hunt A Mesa, CD,JH,CGC

CH Huntabird's Texas Chili, CGC

CH Shadydell Georgia On My Mind, CDX

CH Barrister's Point Of Reason, CD,JH,CGC

CH Huntabird's Main Reason

CH Barrister Olde Ridge Verdict, JH


CH Roma's Impressive Easter M E, CD,SH

CH Impressive's Texas Zephyr, JH

CH Huntabird's Texas Chili, CGC

A/C CH Tabor's Zephyr Of Orion

CH Huntabird's Fabulous Fanny

CH Shadydell Georgia On My Mind, CDX

CH Bleugras Bandy V. Shadydell

CH Shadydell Sweet Georgia Brown

CH Roma's Classic Pinta

DC Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven, MH

DC Hillhaven Hustler

Freifeist Bekannte V Laden, CD,JH

CH Roma's Classic Porsche, JH

CH Robin Crest Rolls Royce

K-Way's Sweet Maggie Holiday






CH  Ehrenvogel Onapoint Cool Yule


best in show and multi group winning NSC BIS BISS U-CDX Am Int'l Nat'l Can Mex JU.A Ch Ehrenvogel Daredevil  JH RAE VCD2 (TD CDX OA OAJ) OF OAP OJP OFP ASCA-CDX GS-O NGC RS-O  NAC JS-O VCA CGC

 Ch Ehrenvogel Top Billing

Ch Minado’s Oxton Greif’s Encore

Ch Maekenets Flying Persuasion
Ch Minado’s I-M Precious Crystal
Ch Caijoy Zeige of Discovery Ch Ehrenvogel Yankee Doodle MH
Am Can Ch Ehrenvogel Love Me Tender JH

Ch Caijoy Polka Dot Polka

  Ch Kan-Point Destiny’s the Reason JH

Ch Paladens Stand to Reason MH

Ch Kan-Point Destiny Calls

Ch Caijoy Pandora of Ehrenvogel JH

 Ch Ehrenvogel Yankee Doodle MH
Ch Ehrenvogel All Shook Up



CH Ehrenvogel Unsolved Mystery


Ch Minado Parade Drum Major

Ch Maekenets  Flying Persuasion

Ch Weinlands Mr. Peepers

Ch Karasyls Rainbow Connection

Ch Minado's I-M Precious Crystal

Ch Minado's Maekenet Mac

Ch Minado's Izabo Von Greif

Ch Caijoy Ziege of Discovery Ch Ehrenvogel Yankee Doodle MH Ch Ehrenvogel Jager CDX SH
Ch Ehrenvogel Cracklin Rosie
Am Can Ch Ehrenvogel Love Me Tender JH Ch Huntabird's for All Reasons
Ch Ehrenvogel Magic Maker